Build Proper Foundation For Your Marriage - Cleric

Entreat me not to leave thee, nor ask me to turn back. Thy God shall be my God, thy people shall be my people. Where thou dwelleth, I will dwell. The song kept echoing as former Miss Victoria Okorie and Pastor Emmanuel Idung took their marital vows to love and care for each other till eternity. Christ Foundation Evangelistic Mission Church, opposite Oron Main Market, Oron, played host to family members, colleagues, friends and well-wishes of the couple as they gathered in their hundreds to witness this joyous event. In his teaching, the general overseer of the church, Professor Mfoniso Umoren, urged the couple to be perfectly joined together beyond the ceremony of the day, pointing that the marriage responsibility assumed by them does not require them to act individually anymore but to be united in thoughts and purpose. (1st Corinthians 1:10). Umoren, who harped on the theme, Build a Proper Foundation for Your Own Marriage, instructed the couple that it is a proper foundation that will keep their marriage alive and devoid of conflict, noting that their responsibility is to build their own marriage, and that beyond sex, marriage is assumption of responsibility. "Whatever God says today are meant for the couple to guide their lives. Man is distinctively created by God and went to find a woman distinctively created with a different culture. God is speaking to the man to build his life and family. Age is not a factor in marriage because you have decided to marry, not by compulsion. You must assume the position of a man for there will be some things you will need to do to prove your manhood, the cleric maintained. The servant of God revealed that the greatest hindrance to a harmonious marriage is competition and pleaded with the couple that there should be no room for competition rather, they should be of one mind and do everything together. To the woman, the pastor advised, 'The woman should make the man her lord through submission. Let the man always have the final say. A woman is meant to fill up the gap and the loneliness the man used to feel. The principal work of a woman is to comfort the man, pray that on a daily bases God should show you what to do. High point of the occasion was the exchange of marital vows and rings, as well as signing and presentation of the marriage certificate. In their words of appreciation, Pastor and Mrs Emmanuel Idung recognized the contributions of their parents, Professor Mfoniso Umoren and the church, friends and relations for their support and show of love and prayed God to bless them richly. Present at the ceremony were; the paramount ruler of Udung Uko Local Government Area, HRM Bassey Etim Edet, SA to the governor on project monitoring Mr Godwin Okponung, Mr Okon Edet Iyohokwa, vice chairman Udung Uko LGA, His Highness, Oyukunyi Idiokune, Mbong Iban Eket Senatorial District and Obongawan Mary Inyang and her group. Others were: Rev. S. E. John, pastor Anthony Eyo, Bishop Benson, father of the day, Evang. Mrs Treasure Benson, mother of the day, Mr and Mrs A. Idung, parents of the groom and Pastor and Mrs Okorie Eke, parents of the Bride, among others.

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