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We Are Number One Oil Producer In A'Ibom - Mbo LG Chairman

The chairman of Mbo Local Gov ernment, Mr. Asukwo Eyo, has declared that Mbo produces more oil than any other local government area in Akwa Ibom State.
He made the claim in an interview in Uyo while reacting to the continued non-recognition of Mbo as a core oil-producing community by ExxonMobil multinational oil giant.
His words: "Mbo is the largest oil-producing local government area as far as Akwa Ibom State is concerned. Sometime ago, 76 oil wells were ceded from Cross River State to Akwa Ibom State and we are the people that have boundary with Cross River State. So, the 76 oil wells are in our water and that makes us, in addition to the oil wells we had already, have an edge over other local government areas that are oil-producing.
Eyo lamented that, despite this fact, ExxonMobil has continued to treat Mbo merely as a coastal local government area and not a core oil-producing community.
 "That is our cry, he said. "We are not benefitting as it should be. We are not recognized as a core oil-producing community. We are regarded as a coastal local government area.
The chairman dispelled fears by some of his people that the Ibom Deep Seaport was being moved from Mbo to Ibeno.
Hear him, "The location of the project is in Mbo and it will traverse from Mbo to Ibeno along the coastal line. People are saying that the deep seaport has been taken away from Mbo. We have our son, the SSG, in that committee. And the Senator, Dr. Akon Eyakenyi, incidentally, is from Oron. She is in that committee. They have come out to say that the seaport situates in Mbo and it will traverse to Ibeno along the coast line.

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