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Gov Emmanuel's 5 Years Of Leadership Is A Blessing - Ibom Patriots

A body of prominent indigenes of Akwa Ibom, Ibom Patriots, has given kudos to Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of his administration.
The chancellor of the pan-Akwa Ibom group, Obong Bassey Inuaeyen, said Ibom Patriots is grateful to God that someone like Gov Emmanuel was brought in to handle the affairs of the state at the time we are in today.
According to Inuaeyen in a goodwill message, the apparent ease with which Akwa Ibom has passed through turbulent times was clearly indicative of the fact that Gov Emmanuel was sent by God.
He said, "We are grateful to God that someone like you was brought in to handle the affairs of the state at the time we are in today.
"This is evident of the fact that since your assumption as the executive governor of Akwa Ibom State on May 29, 2015, a lot of changes have taken place."
The chancellor particularly hinged on the prevalence of peace and tranquility in Akwa Ibom since his governance of the state.
"Today, the streets of Akwa Ibom State are flowing with peace and security as the people of the state can now go to bed and sleep with their two eyes closed. This can only be achieved through someone ordained by God. The way your administration has dutifully handled the COVID-19 pandemic, curbing the spread of the disease and providing relief materials and building centre for disease control is also testament that you were chosen by God to lead us throughout times like this and this has made Ibom Patriots to be very proud of you.
"As we face the post-Covid-19 consequences, we see that you're already taking steps, as a visionary leader, to ensure that the negative economic impact on the people of the state is mitigated to the barest minimum.
"Under your leadership, we can see that the skyline and landscape of Akwa Ibom are dotted with positive and impactful projects. We therefore wish you good luck as you move into the sixth year of your administration. We believe that you're going to achieve a lot more for the people of this state and to the glory of God," he stated.

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