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UK-Based Medical Practitioner Provides Palliatives To Home Community In Oron

As part of assistance in  the midst of  coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, a United Kingdom-based medical practitioner has provided palliatives to her people of Odung Okung in Oron Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.
The items donated by the medical practitioner, Atai Umoh Bassey include: five bags of rice, four bags of beans, garri and salt, clothing, mattresses as well as face masks.
The clan head of Afaha Okpo, Ovong Francis Eyo, who expressed gratitude to the donor, said the palliatives would go a long way to assist the people during this challenging period of COVID-19 pandemic.
Ovong Eyo stated that the community following their displacement had been talking refuge in the internally displaced persons (IDP) camp which was not conducive for their living as basic social amenities were lacking.
He also decried that the camp was overwhelmed as most of the displaced families lived in a crowded shanties which posed serious health hazard, especially during their time of the fight against COVID-19.
He hinted that a reconciliation had been reached between the people of Idua clan and Eyo Abasi, while inspection of the ancestral home was also undertaken yet no decision taken for their return.
The monarch further complained of the blocking of access road to the ancestral home and appealed to the authorities to do something about it as the blockage was affecting their socio-economic activities.
Eyo said his kinsmen were yearning to return to their ancestral home and called on the federal, state and local governments to expedite action on this so that they could go back and continue their normal lives.
The village head of Udung Esang, Eteyen Oboho Ebianga, corroborated that the effect of displacement has worsened as the people foundd it difficult to live their normal life, while children's upbringing had become a problem in their current provisional abode. This, he said, affected marriages as a result of lack of private life.
He called on the Akwa Ibom House of Assembly to intervene in the matter as they continued to remain calm and law-abiding.
Also speaking, the representative of youths, Comrade Emmanuel Abanga, expressed appreciation to their daughter, describing it as a show of love and kindness to them.
He observed that for the medical practitioner to come to their aid in this pandemic period where livelihood was eluding families, she has demonstrated her genuine care for the people.
Earlier, the representative of the medical practitioner, Evang Pennilvia Eyoh, said the palliative was given to assuage them in the midst of the pandemic.
She advised them to observe COVID-19 precautionary measures such as the maintaining of personal hygiene, social distancing, hand washing, sanitising of hand, wearing of face mask and calling emergency COVID-19 toll-free number if any symptom occured.
The event was witnessed by a sister to the benefactor, Elder Roseline Eyong, a retired zonal director of education in the state.

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