The Waiting Process ...Take Care Of Yourself, Appear Good And Smell Nice

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Spring of Life Parish, ended her 2020 Sister's Summit in a grand style. The event which featured praise and worship session, dance, celebration and prayers offered for the youth in the church and state at large for God's direction and provision at all times was one in a long while.
Speaking on the topic, The Waiting Process, drawn from Isaiah 40:31, Colossians 4:2; 1Peter 5:8,  Mrs Gloria Ebenso, a guest speaker informed singles on the process of waiting before marriage.
In her words, "take care of your health. What is your genotype? Have you heard of the word, genotype? What did they say about it? Have you taken time to reason it out? When you hear of sickle cell disease, what are they talking about? Or because a man has all the qualities you want, you want to get married.  "When that sickle cell baby comes, that will sap your finances, peace and joy, you will not notice the qualities or even remember the love. Before you get married, check your blood group and blood pressure and God will do His own beat.
She posited that there are many young ladies with attitude problem -Zero attitude, ordinary Good morning is a problem, they see you and brush past without greeting but when they have problems, they suddenly remember someone that can help.  "You see an elderly person, you cannot help to carry their bag. That must change for our waiting to yield fruit. Work on your attitude because attitude determines your altitude in life. How far you will go to a large extent depends on your attitude. You cannot carry a bad attitude to marriage. Check your attitude."
What to do while waiting, she furthered that singles should serve God in season and out of season. "You cannot rule out God in your affairs and expect the best. Do not believe that you can, instead, wait on God.
According to her, "Make your self available and willing to do something for God and humanity rather than make excuses with your job. When you serve God your spirit is renewed  and you rise and swell above life issues.
The minister of the gospel urged singles to serve God in happiness. "When you serve God in happiness and joy, you will not even know that time is going, serve God in humility and be ready and willing to learn while waiting."
She maintained that whoever is waiting on God should be patient and submit self for God's use and be ready to work.
According to her, "Learn to love yourself, if you do not love yourself, how will you love your neighbours? When you love yourself, you have self-worth. There is a difference between pride and having self-worth.
"You will know what you want and carry yourself with prestige. You do not submit yourself to any riffraff that comes your way when you love yourself you position yourself for the kind of relationship that comes your way. When you respect yourself, you add value to yourself. Do not allow anyone make you loose focus on God or your job.
"As a man or woman, be happy with yourself, do not unnecessarily decide to be someone else, you are you because you are wonderfully made. As a young lady, take yourself out and pamper yourself, check out for a non alcoholic wine, chill it, sit down and entertain yourself.
"Must you wait for someone to do it for you and you feel that is the only way to get your happiness? Take care of yourself, appear good and smell nice. It does not go with millions," she stated.  The cleric encouraged singles to look out for what suits them and wear but remember to always be decent. "Look inward and adjust where it needs to be adjusted," she said.  She informed that in RCCG, the church does not know divorce, hence, if one wants to get married, such a person must prepare and be ready for the journey.
"Spiritually, prepare yourself and study the word of God. Study to know what the Bible says about marriage. Academically, how sound are you? The one you are able to get, get it and get informal skills so that you will not be dependent on the man for everything.  "Do not marry and hope the man will provide everything or you will be a liability for a man. When you make your little money, you will have respect. Also, when you get that job, be diligent in it and do it to the best of your ability.  She frowned at the attitude of some individuals who are full of pride, and warned them to work on pride, anger, not being saucy or overly selective.
"Reduce social media presence, while on social media, listen to inspiring messages," she continued. "Anything good, quality or worth waiting for comes through the process of waiting so prepare yourself. Prepare to be the best wife or best husband.
"Whether you are waiting as a young lady or man, as already married or waiting for the fruit of the womb, prayer is a continuous thing in this institution. Not because God has finally answered your prayers, keep praying," she instructed.
The counselor informed singles to be watchful and pray as they wait and  not allow the object of their waiting to become an idol over God. Rather, they should watch out for behaviours and character, "will it sustain you both in the marriage?" She questioned.
As part of the things to do and observe while waiting, the minister appealed to singles to honour their parents. She said, "On no account should you pack your things and leave your parents house to co-habit with a man that has not married you because you are tired of their poverty.
"A time will come when you will need them. Check within you and make amends so that the waiting process will not be in vain. Do not wait for life to happen, get going, do the ones that you can and let God do the ones that He will.
"Most importantly, you must be patient, It is a virtue but cultivate it and not run faster than God," she submitted.
Earlier, Mrs Victoria Akpan, during the talk show session had listed things to be considered while waiting which included: Having Jesus as the foundation, being open to learn and corrections, working on self-development, developing self-confidence and associating with friends that help to build.
In her words, "develop yourself physically, visit the movies, spa, dentist, gym and get a manicure or pedicure if necessary. Do not be desperate to start a relationship, do not be proud instead, look clean and learn to be happy always.
In his admonition, the host minister, Pastor Chilaka Emmanuel, noted that the summit was not only for single sisters but brothers and even couples as they have been charged and build up on what they have learnt.
The 2020 Sister's Summit was well attended by the Pastor-in-charge of the area, Pastor Aniefiok Obong, a national representative, Pastor Miracle Mba, the assistant minister and other ministers.

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