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"The Shit Man In Trump

From January 20, 2021, Mr Donald Trump is going to assume another title, or call it nomenclature if you like. He is going to be addressed as former American President. It is going to be one unfortunate experience that Trump would live to hate for a long time to come because it comes sooner than he thought possible. Indeed, even though some persons had predicted that Trump would be a one term President of America, Trump did not believe them. For all he knew, such predictions came from the 'shit' mouth of his detractors, possibly from the mouth of black men whom he can always declare 'know not their left from their right'. But nothing fails like failure. Trump just worked his way to failure by pride. Leaders lead men with words - calm and persuasive words that give them hope - not grandstanding on all issues. Trump assumed American Presidency as a personal estate and may have been tempted to think that he would be America's last President before the world comes to an end. He talked tough and was ready and prepared to shift all boundaries. Some of his decisions and policies were good or polite, but some were brutal and touchy. He dared American legislature to impeach him and watch global economy crash. He said or rather believed that blacks even in America do not know how to govern themselves. Africans in particular are all people from shit hole nations who know next to nothing in leadership and economy. He said Africans conduct elections that are flawed with irregularities and after that go into endless litigations. I had thought that such attitudes to elections were only Africans'. But Trump equally stoops - jumping from one court to another in his blind quest to turn around the tide against him. He believes the last American Presidential election was marred by irregularities and that is the 'shit man' in Trump. Mr Joe Biden couldn't have possibly won the almighty and rich Donald Trump. But that is how the mighties fall. Trump would soon learn how to come to terms with the stark reality of life; that no man is an island and none for that matter is all-knowing. Trump is also a 'shit man' even in white skin. Trump came, tried to make an America of his own dream but other Americans did not dream the same dream, especially in areas that hurt their pride. But two things he hates: gay and religious extremism, will still stand for him. After all, he did not learn hard enough to remember that political power is tenuous, and as transient as the life of its holder. That is the delusion of power. And it's not as though Trump's successor, Joe Biden, is destined to do any better as President of America. It is not about their parties. It is in their blood and the quest for development. Humans are daily working and frantically so, to play God, wanting to reverse God's ways. But it is showing, whichever way you look, that the world, the developed world, has come to its wits end in many ways. Gay practice and satanism buoyed by socio-religious extremism conspire to put the entire world on a fast lane to more confusion. We will watch as President Joe Biden, the new American President, unfolds. I was saying that the entire world is in deep confusion and crises, Nigeria inclusive. This is not a matter of religious assessment. Even the most foolish pagan will understand that the world has lost its patience and so humans are in a hurry about and with everything. The monies required to keep the world running in its crazy ways are in quantum. The lucky (or smarter?) ones break through by fair or foul means. That is the unfortunate way life goes. Individuals and nations live and survive through exploitation of one another. The so-called developed nations are not exempted, the magnitude of crime and frequency of occurrence vis-à-vis the level of exposure is what makes the difference. Not long ago, George Floyd was maliciously killed by the police, not in any African country but in God's own America. And the world roared in protest for one life that was a mix, of character, good and bad. But the world stood up for him because his murder by agents of the authority did not follow any judicial process. The protesters demonstrated that two wrongs cannot make one right. They protested but there was no looting and unwarranted destruction like it happened in the Nigeria during EndSARS protest, where a supposedly peaceful protest soon turned violent and criminality took over. George Floyd, protest which sparked across many nations was purposeful. It carried with it the central theme of the protest: that human life is sacred and that God created all of us the same, hence human life must be respected. But EndSARS protest lacked all the attributes of a purposeful protest: the protesters faltered and the system followed suit, to the extent that both sides allegedly tasted blood. The police authority today claims that the protesting youths fired and killed armed police men and other security agents. Well, that sounds like the story of a mad man killing a soldier. The Lekki killings where soldiers allegedly opened fire on armless protesting youths, killing them in their numbers is yet to be resolved. In Nigeria, we may never know who is lying and who is telling the truth. What is true is that some persons died and others are today languishing in police cells and even the recently named correction centres. Truth is that life never held the same luck for all of us. As it is, most of the EndSARS detainees today suffer for different reasons. Some may have participated in the protest simply because their pears joined the team, others followed because they had other things in mind - criminality - while others may have joined because they were not too young to protest. But whatever may have been their motivating factor, there was a purpose. Like Mark Twain wrote, Adam did not just eat the apple for the apple's sake, there was something to be derived therefrom. Ironically, whether it was the authority that defaulted or the protesting youths, the authority is at the head of the prosecution. That again is another lesson, that no one should ever consider himself above the law. I have witnessed cries and anguish as the reverse side of EndSARS sword. Parents and guardians are today in pains and gnashing of teeth on how to meet the financial demands posed on them by security agents on how to free detainees of EndSARS protest. They will probably come to know and, too late, that freedom is sweet. They will also come out to tell their stories when they do, that prison or correction centre as it is now called, does not correct, rather they pose new ideas and teachings for the inmates. Come to think of it, how can mere change of name do the magic of correcting criminal instincts in inmates without corresponding changes in environment and instructions? Every day as I flip through pages of newspapers, watch television and listen to radio, the news that are overwhelming are absurd and criminal stories. Sadly, in the Nigerian correction centres, all these people are dumped in the same cells, contrary to the United Nations classification. Two fighters, groundnuts or chicken thieves are dumped together with hardened armed robbers. Who corrects who? This, of course, is a story for another day. What we are daily witnessing are pleasant interludes to our numerous traumatic happenings. At least I know that EndSARS protest for instance has helped to switch off our minds from vicious coronavirus. We have forgotten about the ravaging Boko Haram incursions in the North-East. So also do we tend to forget about the rampaging banditry in the North and other parts of the country. With these and many more, we have even forgotten that our federal universities have been on recess for too long now following the inability of the system to strike compromise with the teachers. Sad! If eventually the schools resume, a lot of the students may never return as a result of the lull. They will be deprived of that arrangement due to no fault of theirs. May God help us.

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