14-Yr-Old SS 3 Girl Nabbed With Pistol In Calabar

Tongues are wagging and diverse reactions have trailed the recent news of a 14 years old senior secondary school girl, nabbed with a pistol in Calabar, after she attempted to shoot her teacher. It was learnt that the student, whose name is yet to be ascertained, was arrested, Wednesday, at Government Secondary School, Ikot Ewa in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River with a locally-made pistol. According to a witness, Otunba Charles Edem, who shared the story, the teenager wanted to shoot her teacher for telling her to cut her hair. "This girl went to school at Government Secondary School, Ikot Ewa, with a gun to shoot her teacher for telling her to cut her coloured hair... Investigation is currently ongoing as she is being taken into the Nigerian Army custody. Many are wondering what, apart from the "coloured hair story, might have informed the action of a teenager. Bishop Moswill Umoh, a child's advocate, who has been going round schools in Akwa Ibom for the past one year, simply attributed it to "family foolishness not "foundation. He said the schools were not also doing their responsibilities. "There's no longer leadership in schools. The schools have become an environment where teachers are not disciplined enough. In those days teachers used to check students' bags, nails and haircuts before they enter the schools, the cleric said. The prelate of Rapture Trust Ministries, Maranatha Square, Ikot Akpa Nkuk, Ukanafun Local Government Area, stressed that what had happened has been a proof of the general debasement the society has been passing through. "There's the dire need to step up security intelligence around our schools; the Scripture Union men should be returned in schools to preach, while the session should be made compulsory for all the children. The word is needed now than ever before because it's the only instrument that can transform. The society now needs spiritual transformation. "Government should know that there's what we call territorial protection. If that's not done, there's every tendency that the foundation will collapse. I think there should be adequate protection at the gates of each school and competent security should be provided. "At the moment, nobody is sure of the true story. Is it because it is in this part of the country? What if she was among the Boko Haram or herdsman? Do you know whether the girl is sponsored and by who? It happened in the United States sometime ago, when the government stopped the children from reciting the 10 commandments and reading the Bible. One of the 10 commandments is, thou shall not kill! But because the government banned the recitation of the commandment, the children started bringing guns... "Even in our schools today, teachers including gate-men compromise standards. If you go to schools now, the gate man is not there. Sometimes, he will come when school had closed for that day. When he is there, do you know he collects star-apple and allow the student to break bounds?

esuscitate so many things in schools - send responsible pastors to preach to children. SU should return and teachers should encourage every child to be part of the SU programme. It's only once a week and probably for about two hours, he stressed. On the role of parents, Moswill said: "some are not parents. There's a difference between parenting and fatherhood because a madman can impregnate a woman but can't train the child. People should rise up to raising the children. Today, parents don't train again. They allow their children into the hands of guardians and caretakers in schools. A woman wakes and takes a oneyear old child to school by 6.30 am or 7 am and drops the child at a daycare centre, comes back by 6 pm to pick him or her. Is that parenting?

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